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SOC 1101 Study Guide - Final Guide: The Forest People, Franz Boas, Cultural Relativism

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SOC 1101
Liam Kilmurray
Study Guide

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Chapter 2 - Sociological Research Methods SOC 101
Research methods: strattegies or techniques for systematically conducting research
Secondary Analysis of Existing Data
Research data
Questionnaire: a printed research instrument containing a series of items to which subjects
Interview: a data collection encounter in which an interviewer asks the respondent questions
and records the answers
Multivariate analysis: research involving more than two independent variables
Types of Surveys
Self Administered Questionnaires:
Simple inexpensive
Respondents are anonymous
Problems: low response rates
Personal and direct contact
Face to face respondents
Problems: major cost and time
More honest and less threatening
Greater control over the data
Problems: Some not accessible to researchers
Survey: A poll in which the researcher gathers facts or attempts to determine the relationship
among facts
Respondents: People who provide.......
The Sociological Research Process
Research is the process of systematically collecting information for the purposes of
testing an existing theory or generating a new one
But not all sociologists collect research in the same manner
With quantitative research, the goal is scientific objectivity, and the focus is on data
that can be measured numerically
oMost studies on suicide have used this approach by comparing suicide rates to
age, sex, race, ethnicity, education, and sports participation
With qualitative research, the use of interpretative description (words) rather statistics
(numbers) are used to analyze the underlying meanings of patterns of social
oAn example would be to systematically analyze suicide notes to determine
recurring themes and patterns
Participant Observation
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