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Liam Kilmurray

History of Protest Movements Das Mur: The Berlin Wall - August 13, 1961 - 155km - 239 deaths and another 200 injuries - Checkpoint Charlie, Stand-off 1961 Soviet Power - The communist governments of Eastern Europe - Struggled to maintain a national identity and to create a soviet, communist political reality - Many people (youth) become disenchanted 1950’s - Post WW2 - Increased Expectations - Increased economic development - University enlargements - The Cold War - Growth/Emergence of Political and Social Awareness - Environmental damage - Conditions for emergence of Social Movements - Post War dissolution - Segregation continues - Political isolation and animosity - Gender issues; inequality persists - Native American conditions - Student rejecting of existing paradigms - Individual activists emerge Hungary - 1946, Communist - 1956, Uprising, Imre Nag, shot - Kruschev’s denouncement does not signal a thaw in Cold War - Janos Kadar, ruled from 1956-1988 - 1989, perestroika - Hungary leaves Warsaw Pact Non-violent Conflict - Civil Rights movement - Ghandi - Peaceful protest - “…All that I claim is that every experiment of mine has deepened my faith in non-violence as the greatest force at the disposal of mankind” – Mohandis K. Gandhi 1960’s - Prague uprising - Internal (communist) ‘revolt’ - Media role - Hungary example - Soviets (Russians) send in army to crush Czechoslovak ‘rebellion’ - Social movements efforts were basically incompatible with any communist program, even a reformed one - Paris - Workers - Unions - Students - Army - Actually most people do not want to be permanently involved in politics, only a minority does. The majority
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