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University of Ottawa

Facult des sciences socialesFaculty of Social SciencesReview Questions for the Final Exam1Suppose a young researcher is interested in depression as a subject After a first reflection literature review discussing with colleagues he comes to formulate an initial question To what extent the strength of the economic crisis and its impact on the lives of people explains behavior problems in individuals suffering from illness like depressionCan we say that his question is valid and relevant from a methodological point of view briefly explain your answerNot a good research question because doesnt define the economic crisis doesnt tell us what type of impact no general goal you want to explore or do what very vague and not specific2As part of a research project funded by the Government of Canada A research team wants to describe the participation of Canadian soldiers in the fightings that took place during the Second World War They want to meet as many Veterans as possible They also want to obtainrichdata that describe how these people have lived through these events What tool only 1 tool seems appropriate to conduct this research Justify your answer briefly Contradiction rich data anSemidirective adv gives you freedom to ask follow up questions to the answer the participant just gavedisadvg time consuming as you have not prepared any questions and harder to analyze your resultsfeel gratefulcomfortable to answerFocusgroup Questionaire but open ended questionmentioning also that they will have a hard time writing Show me youve managed to tackle the difficulty inside the question3In a fix design research you always end up with mostly quantitative data True
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