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Exam 11 hour15 multiple choices 5 short answers and 2 long answer questions Readings key concepts main conclusions main thesisfirst 2 articles 19062013Class2Social problems BUT In analyzing a social problem it is important to identify the group of pple for whom the behaviour is a problem EX Vagrancy affect poor pple youth loiterers smokers prostitutes drug usersdealers are marginalizedwho is the problem forSocial problem defined Sociologists consider a social problem to be an alleged situation that is incompatible with the values of a significant number of pple who agree that action is needed to alter the situation ex Canadian society thought that Aboriginals were a problem and acted inappropriately for residential schools the way gay men were policed in the past rain bath houses on a regular basisOr in Alberta sterilizing pple that they thought had bad genes physically or mentally challenged During WWII we interned Italian and Japanese and not German Also while criminalizing opium they thought it would stop the Asians from coming to Canada after the railways were built but it didnt workthe day of shame for Chinese is independence Canada day for usOur society has acted inappropriately at timeseven though we have a very clean image of Canadians and no one really talks about those times Sociological imagination The ability to see the relationship between an individuals experiences and the larger society in which they are contextualized C Wright MillsFor example the relationship between personal unemployment and technological change business decisions and economic cycles that cause it ExConnections between personal and economic levels are made through Microlevel analysis focusing on smallgroup relations and individual interaction Macro level analysisfocusing onlargescale institutions eg gov and the economy What is a social problem C Wright Mills distinguished between personal troubles and public issuesMake a connection of personal and public Personal troubles are things that affect individuals and their immediate surroundings Public issues have an impact on large numbers of pple and are matters of public debateSociology as a discipline in Canada McGill Carl Dawson and Everett HughesToronto Harold Innis SD Clark and Marshall McLuhan Carleton John Porternotion of the power elite in USA at certain circles oof the highest levels of the military politics and business they circulated amongst one anothergenerals and cornels would go into politics or as executives in businessesthose organisation dominated in societyin Canada we have big corporate but not much like USAcirculation ex Paul martin now owns a shipping company for tremendous amounts of money and he goes on to be prime ministerthey also follow certain trends like went t the same schoolsand the sociological imagination Differences in Canadian Sociology Sociology in Canada TodayInterconnection with USA because many moved to Canada and went back and vice versa Terms Ontology the nature of the physical and social Epistemology the nature of knowledge itselfReflexivity our relationship to knowledge and knowledge to us Reflexivity subjects studied with reflexive screensdepends on your own identity race background etc youre viewing it through those reflexive screens Educational elite not everyone can go to university so those who do go are apart of an elite Nationstate
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