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University of Ottawa

Midterm study guideBiographical and historical backgrounds of Max WeberoWeber born with national triumph died with national defeatoEarly fathers influence later mothersoPromising and successful careeroWeber had a respectable family a promising career from the early beginningoRich and politically successful family with many connectionsoMet numerous important politicians and intellectuals at his fathers houseoUniversity yearsmet the most eminent of the German historians and philosophersoAlways facetoface with the most uptodate thinkersoEditor for his own writing voluminous work possibleoNo job obligationsonly writing Mental breakdownoParental differenceconflictOpposing political and moral attitudesCompromise between the idealism of his mother and the practical realism of his fatheroBrawl with Max Senior in 1897oSymptoms of psychological neurosis or depressioninsomniac paralysisoNo cure but rest travel stays in a mountain sanatoriumoSeveral years of hiatus in his careeroWhat caused itoSexual repressionMaybe Oedipus complex he killed his fatherStruggles over sexual freedom and sexual repressionRelated with opposing parents Living in the period of the rise of feminism and modernismeven tougher struggleThis sexual tension could have been an underlying force in the breakdownElseElse Von richthofen her sister Frieda married DH Lawrence business partner Edgar Jaffes wife younger intellectual and feminist his student oCareer choicesConflict between political career and academic lifeConflict between action and reflectionDoctrine of valuefree academic work ought to be above politics yet strong tendency to moralize about what he considered to be politically right Eg Lecture at Friburg
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