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Multiple Choice1Patriarchalismpatriarchalism is a pure type of traditional domination it refers to the solidarity of the household with regard to food mutual help and filial respect respect of the son and father faith of a disciple prophetPatriarchalism turns into patrimonialismThe difference between them is that patrimonialism is a situation where the group is much larger not just 510 people father mother kids grandparents it becomes hundreds or thousands Patriarchalism unchangeable tradition filial respect statistical vs prescriptive norms2Feudal GovernmentRelationship between a ruler a king normally and knightsContract between free men The inferior the knights were called vassals The contract stipulated the rights and duties of each of the two and on top of that there was supposed to exist personal fealty or loyalty Weber was mainly interested in the conduct of life of these people who entered into a contract with a ruler but were free menLifestyle was based on honourToday we dont say honour we usually say human dignityToday we think everybody is equal all humans have the same human dignity and honour applies that people are not equalPeople of high status have high honour Knights were men of rank and high social status who were able to equip themselves with horses and arms to go to war before their king Whereas the mass of the population was tied to the soil and could not be used for military purposes they didnt have the equipmentIn exchange for pledging loyalty to the king in a contract the knights were given a piece of land with peasants who worked on that land for them
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