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RIGHT AFTER MIDTERM CLASSVIDEO Pt 1 and 2 DISCUSSION Week of Nov1 MidtermPart 1 of MovieVideo Manufacturing Consent Noam Chemskythe MediaPart 1Noam Chomsky linguist works at MIT social activist critical of foreign policyMass MediaHow it Operates has an impact on usNecessary IllusionThought Control in Democratic SocietyThe way the media controls opinionsThe fact that ppl talk to each is creativityChomsky proposed a new way of looking at grammarHuman NatureHumans are not genetically programmed to learn one or another languageWhat vision of a future society animates youWe should bee seeking out forms of authoritychallenging there legitimacy Any form of coercion requires justification The feminist move is addressed The core of the system the private control of the resourcesDemocratic SocietyRole of media in democratic societyenables public certain control over govtContrary view it goes back to modern democracy Question right of authority There were popular movements that were questioning everything Its the standard oneTechnique of controlManufacturing ConsentManufacturing ConsentPrimary function of mass media to dominate public interests who is in the position to make the decision to determine how the society works Are in the hands of net work on major corporations They own the mediathey are in the position to make the decisions Revolution in practice of democracy technique of controlPropagandaInterests who is in the position to make decisions of what happens in society2 targets for propaganda1Political Class20 of population that is educated participate in political life280 of populationfollow orders dont thinkWhos consent is being manufactured political class 20 more educated participates in social life theyre suppose to vote theyre suppose to play a crucial roles Then 80 of the ppl to follow orders not to thinkThe elite media are the agenda setting media Washington postDistribution on concernsEmphasisSelectionDetermineShapeServe the interest of the eliteNew York Times is the most important in USWorld It creates history Whos interests are being shaped
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