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Chapter 10ConclusionKey Concerns and Future ConsiderationsIf new media is a resource to be made even more broadly available how can new media be extended without negatively affecting social and cultural boundaries Environmental cost of new media is also a concern oEx Game addiction violence2010prominent research firm reported that Canadians spent more time on Internet on average than watching television oRise of social media and Web 20 have accelerated trend of making users of digital media into producers oIn 2000s increase focus on participation collaboration collective intelligence interactivity and virtual dominating New media is linked to shift towards global knowledge economy an economy driven by knowledge based and creative industries oParticipatory culture has flourished through blogs social media sites and sites such as Youtubesocial production Boom Areas in New Media Environment oMultiplayer Online GamesoNew Forms of News Production Citizen journalismblogging twittering status updatesMobility Accelerating trend in new media is for data and digital content to be accessed from mobile devices Third Generation 3Gaccompanied by devices that fully integrate phone computing and PDA functionsoEx RIMs Blackberry and Apples iPhone Employers are starting to expe
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