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Sociology ExamCanadian Society Energy and the EnvironmentEnergy consumption as an indicator of technological in our modern livesHeat homes Power industries Domestic uses cooking cooling houses heating swimming poolsAutomobiles etcEnergy is a vital element in the developing worldoBiomass energy in the third world70in poor countries Africa Latin America and parts of Asia etcEg Cow dungfor indoor cooking IndiaEg Africa firewood grass kerosene etcoCanadas variety of energy resources and systemic energy wasteEg Hydroelectric power oil sands nuclear powerEnergy human activities and impacts on natural environmentsEnergy supply and demand in CanadaoCanadas high standard of living energy consumptionoEg Hydro Qubecs intention to increaseenergy price in 2007oEnergythe Canadian climateoEnergy consumption and the vast distance betweencitiesoConsumers of energy on earth statistics Canada 2006Why Canadians are the second biggest per capita so much consumption of energyoThe industries oContinental climate seasonal extremesoThe high standard of livingEmploymentthe energy sector more than 290 400 people in CanadaWood energy consumption in 2010less than 5Canadian industrialization and the overconsumption offossil energies oil gas coalPrimarySecondary Use of EnergyFossil fuel Canadas major form of energyoPrimary useEnergy first used to transform one energy to anotherEg Transform coal to electricityEg Energy to run pipelines compressors etcoSecondary useDirect energy use by Canadians final consumers at home in industries institutions etcFossil fuel consumptionGreenhouse gas emissionsFossil fuel the environment and public health in CanadaEg Alberta tar sands hydrogen sulphide and respiratory diseases in CalgaryEnergy resourcesFossil fuels as hydrocarbonsWhat are hydrocarbonsoMost hydrocarbons are remains of prehistoric animals forests and sea floor life They are decomposed very slowly and are eventually converted to oil oOil a mixture of hydrocarbon compounds in sedimentary rocks located deep below the earth surfaceNegative Externalities of fossil fuel consumptionoGreenhouse gas emissions andglobal warming
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