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SOC311602082013January 23 2013Inattentional blindness we think that we are paying attention we are not aware of our blindnessMessaging includes advertising telling us that we need technology in our lives for whatever reason school work popularity pressured to use technology little opportunity to declineTechnology is not a force of nature created by humans for humansReason why its useful to ask about the role of technology in societyto challenge out complacency about technologyto improve its usefulnessto enhance our awareness of how we use and rely upon technologyget our heads outside of the box of popular messaging ICTsFacebook Twitter smartphones internet computers processing capacity enabling all of the previous mentioned NonICT technologyMicrowave stove elevatorsSociology of religion looks at things like what does it mean for you to be a ChristianArticle 5 things you should know about technologythere is always a tradeoff benefits some harms others embedded in all technologies are assumptionsideas that influence how we behave There are culturally contingent tied to culture assumptions ecological change is not additive but accumulative January 25 2013Distinction between old and new mediaOld media traditional mediatv radio newspapersNew media social mediainternet based communication email sms twitter etcKey difference between them is interaction Old media is 1way new media is 2way communicationChange in what we communicate iecontent is altered by how we communicateCellphonesfastest medium of communication Dominant language for internet is English 90 to 30 this has changed dramatically At the core of media is communication whether news or phone callsThe issue of how we communicate is something innate essential and unique and distinct from any other animalSpeech is instinctive writing is not Babies can speak any language that they are raised in Shows us our brains capacity for speech Relation between media and communication media mediates communication Whatever happens has to go through certain medium
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