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SOC 3116Technologies World and SocietiesSeptember 9 2013What is new mediaWe have gone from passive consumer to active participants Two way communication and interactiononline versus in lineWhat is new about the new mediaNewness doesnt mean recentWhat is new for society about the new media and not simply what is new mediaNewness defined asConvergenceInteractivity and networksVirtuality andGlobalizationThree step approach to new media1Artefacts and devices that make communication possible ie smart phones tablets and laptops2What activities are these devices actually used for ie audio video text data etc3Social arrangements and organizations that form around these devices and practices ie virtual communities facebook twitter googleNew media is very interactiveNew media as convergenceConvergence refers to the interlinking of computingICT and media content that occurredevolved with the internetAlso to convergent products services and activities that have emerged in the digital media spaceThe morphing of devices comprises another element of convergenceThe internet is a game changer in the spread of the new mediaThe birth place of the internet was the US ArmyThe traditional constituency of the internet was the US government military scientistsGlobalization is the shrinking of time and spaceNew media contributes to globalization in two ways1Its the technology and service delivery platforms that globalization thrives on2Convergent media push for global expansion and integrationThe weakening cultural social and traditional bonds of nation status and local communitiesGlobal villages cultural and traditional imperialismVirtuality Communities the creation of communities through networks that transcends geographical barriersVirtual space and personas are the new common breaking down geographical barriers time and spaceNot a common location but a common interest
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