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Chapter 8The Global Knowledge EconomyThe Global Knowledge EconomyEconomic activitymaking things providing services and buyingselling now occur at global level Canada is particularly active in the global economy with over 30 of economic activity destined for or originating outside our borders Knowledge economybuying and selling of knowledgeKnowledge Economy vs Information Economy o Knowledge is learned over time and enables action it cannot be purchased Ex Owning a book is not the same thing as understanding what is in it Three Developments oIncreasingly ubiquitous nature of new media and globally networked ICTS worldwideNew media is central to globalization because they constitute the borderless technology and service delivery platforms through which flow the images information finance and communication that make up the global worldNew media are not globalizing forces but have local regional and national manifestations and implications as well oGlobalization Internalization of production trade and finance with rise of MNEs reductions in crossborder tariffs deregulation of financial markets and rise of Internetecommerce International movements of people development of diasporic and emigrant communities and increasingly multicultural nature of national societies International communication flows delivered through telecommunications information and media technologies Ie Broadband cable satellite Internet which facilitates transnational circulation of cultural commodities Global circulation of ideas ideologies and keywords Establishment of international regimes in intellectual property enacts enforceability of ownership of knowledge and information Emergence of local resistance to globalization for domestic political and cultural objectivesDevelopment of international organizations Ex European Union NAFTA ASEAN and APECCultural professional and standards bodies such as UNESCO WTO and the World Intellectual Property Organization Increasingly significant role played by global nongovernment organizations Ex Amnesty International Greenpeace Red CrossGrowing significance of international law to national policies Ex United Nations Convention on Human RightsGlobalization of war on terror after 911 which has had many implications for global foreign policy including its connection to the war in Iraq monitoring citizens and movement of people to and from countriesCitizens of nationstates find themselves meshed with overlapping communities of fateEx Degradation on climates drug trafficking global terrorism oRise of Global Knowledge Economy Economy is more strongly and more directly rooted in production distribution and use of knowledge than ever before Reasons for Acceleration
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