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SOC3116AMay 6 2010We are moving into the league of super humans with the use of technology Our advancement as a human species is linked to communications technology There is no lack of a sense that technology is so important to us in society however there are consequencesimplications that need to be considered In the professors view it is the time in the classroom that is most meaningful PowerPoint slides are more convenient but we wont come to lectures which negatively impacts the dynamics of the classroom Essay10 page paper that is academically based literature that we have to find We have to find an advertisement of an ICT information and communication technologysuch as a cell phone We have to research to challenge at least one of the claims that is made in the advertisement We need at least FIVE academic sources that are appropriately cited in the bibliography and the paper We can use other nonacademic sources too We will not get our essay back We get a one page form that outlines our marks The ad can be a videoit needs to be in print form though show the ad as a snapshotCITE ACADEMIC AND NONACADEMIC SOURCES SEPARATELYDO NOT USE FOOTNOTES AND ENDNOTEScite in the body of the essay Consider the effectiveness of the paper using headings saying I etc Does it reflect who you are and your experienceYou can use firstperson references if it makes a point or enhances the stylistic orientation of the paper NOT AN OPINION ESSAYIt is a CRITICAL ESSAY Challenge the advertisement and find something you can build an argument around We are using ads ICTs to understand our relationship with technology Ads are the medium through which this is achieved BOOK does not count as one of the five academic sources Dont just regurgitate information you need to apply the knowledge learnedAll of us have been frustrated by technology Ex For Dummies books When we have a problem with technology it is because we are the dummies We assume there is no problem with the software but there are a lot of bad programs out there that are not easy to use This course does not considering learning more about technology it looks at how technology shapes our social reality The role that technology plays in society is the subject of a great deal of messaging that reconfirms why we need more of it We are dumbed down with the use of technology because we can search things up on Google and dont actually KNOW the material instead we just refer online for information whenever we need it Reasons to ask questions about technologyTo challenge our complacency about technology If we are complacent we will depend on it to our detriment and we will not get the best technology If we accept the technology we get without criticism we will not try to find a better way to design the technology By evaluating it critically we are thinking about longterm consequences and we make decisions to use the technology to use other technology or ways to improve itTo improve usefulness of technology the greatest innovations arise when people that are dissatisfied by technology It leads to innovation To enhance our awareness on how much we rely on technology ex power outages volcano examplestopping flights We are dependent on technology To get our heads outside of the box of popular messaging about technology We are so eager and so thrilledamusedamazed by new technology we use regularly that weve lost sight about what were doing and how were doing it We are subject to so much messaging about technology There is limited critique of this technology It doesnt hurt to spend some time asking questions that people normally forget to ask The focus of this course is ICTs not just any technology and how fast it is These include some of the most common technologies that we use Ex computer to access Internet cell phone TV but not refrigerator automobile shovelWe have to consider the application of different technology Ex we use a computer to access the InternetOur interest is in the SOCIOLOGY of technology and not the benefits or advantages of it Thursday May 13 2010Review of four reasons to ask questions about technologySocial relation the relationships we have with one another Social stratification how people are differentiated from one another it can deal with any method of differentiating people class race age Stratification looks at how people are differentiated from situation to situation It means different things in different places Social interaction how we interact
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