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Week 2A Critical Approach to TechnologySociety Tuesday September 11Learning Objectives1To develop a better appreciation for how much we rely on electronic technologies2To implicate todays actions in the technology of the futureTechnology is not a force of natureWe dont need to adapt to itWe dont need to define it to accommodate it should be accommodating itTechnology is created by usto service usWere going to be the designersbuilders of future technologyWe need to be active in our engagement with technology so we know whats comingoMost interactions are passive and dont lead to good technology advancementsTheres a point where improvements are actually counterproductive ex Zoolander with the small cell phoneTechnology has a positive and negative attributesCan compare to automobile attributes they can be useful on a personal level but they also have negative implications such as pollutionTechnology shapes social societyWe get tons of messages about what technology can do for usCLASS DISCUSSION how does technology shape what we seedo and what we thinkLatest technology is more of a social statusLatest technology accommodates with more services although some may not be usefulLatest technology has improved on old modelsLatest technologies have more applicationsTechnology makes life easierInformation heard through news and social media is not questionedThere is peer pressure to use technologysocial exclusionWe are led to believe that technology enhances communicationIt is implicit in marketing that everyone must have certain ICTsLatest technology is marketed towards studentsyouth and suggests that they will fall behind if they dont buy the newest thingHow we representmisrepresent ourselves through social media via technology ex FB twitter etcChanges how we learnexample student having lecture where teacher wasnt in the same roomEntertainmentLack of accountability ex people posting what they want to WikipediaIncreased exposurethings that go viralTechnology has become a trendoWhat good is new technology if it has to stay chained to your house you want to show it offoTechnology becomes an accessory4 Reasons why we should ask questions about technologys role in our society1Challenge our complacencyThe potential about technology and the internetShouldnt accept it as it comes or it wont improve2To improve its usefulness
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