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University of Ottawa

October 23 2013Women in Computer ScienceWhy are they not interestedThey dont know other women in computer science no mentorsGirls dont want to be thought of as geeksDont feel like you belong in a male dominated societyInternet started in the military which is also male dominatedType of jobs that come from computer sciencethought of a less of people workDont feel comfortable pursuing a degree that is differentLack of encouragement to pursue these kind of degreesWhy are men interested in computer scienceThey are interested in the how of computersBias from birth Girls played with barbies boys played with legoGuys like to be in controlWant a career in something they already enjoy doing ie game designOctober 28 2013Video GamesWhy do we like video gamesThey are not real so why do we play them Do they have an effect on usOctober 30 2013How Video Games Revitalizes Cities Case StudyWe want to examine the concept of games and how the video games industry has become ecological and how it is transforming societyThe video game industry has transformed community It creates its own ecosystemExample The Mile End district in Montreal before the industry was there it was run down and unkempt Now it has been taken over by condos up scale shops and is very well kept There has been a transformation because of the introduction of this industryAre the effects created by the video game industry sustainable in CanadaWho decides what companies get bailout or tax creditsNovember 4 2013Men are always the heroes the bad guys are always nonamerican Why is this Just coincidence Are videos really just a gameICT and the Knowledge Based Economy
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