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Study Guides for Sociology at University of Ottawa

SOC 3142 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Standard Deviation, Sampling Distribution, Standard Error

Formulas and definition Sample mean: Xis the sample mean x= x n x is the sum of all population observed n is the number of population observed What does the mean tell us? The average of the sample Example: Sum of squares: ...

SOC 3142
Riva Lieflander
SOC 4309 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: The German Ideology, Stateless Society, Wage Labour

________________________________________________________ SOC 4309 Ideology Society Midterm Exam Study Guide Fall 2018 ____________________________________________________________________________ Marx Engels in The German...

SOC 4309
Ariel Fuenzalida
SOC 3116 Midterm: SOC 3116 MIDTERM #1 NOTES

SOC 3116 MIDTERM #1 NOTES CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO NEW MEDIA New media cannot be simply classified as all new media listed, it doesnt not tackle the broader questions that need to be answered when addressing new medi...

SOC 3116
Tonio Sadik

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