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Women's Studies
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Midterm Exam Answer SheetthThursday October 8 2009Jessica Gattoni 56973381 They key intervention that Audre Lorde is making into the feminist movement is that differences are going to empower us rather than separate us Differences should not be simply tolerated but celebrated Rather then dividing women into different groups to promote feminism all feminists should work together Feminists should not allow differences to separate them much like patriarchy promotes Feminist want to rid society of the patriarchy system all together switching to matriarchy would be exactly like in todays society This would put women in power and inequality would still exist within society today Feminists want to rid society from both and just have equalityFeminists should join together rather than trying to compete2 Race to innocence occurs when individuals talk to one another and try to appear as victims and that they have been through more in their lifetime continually competing An example of this would be women oppressing women this can occur in many different ways such as gossip or criticism Women feel as though it okay to oppress other women because they have been oppressed themselves 3 The interlocking system of oppression is like a cake one is unable to take any layers awaySociety and feminist cannot look at the oppression of women without looking at other aspects that oppress individuals such as race class sexual orientation etc They all
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