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FEM 2104 Health Care and PharmaceuticalsMarch th27Women and Health Careodisease mongering medicalization geared toward married white women with children women may feel more comfortable being dependent on health care services because they may be socialized to express their needs some women may be intimidated by a system dominated by men and patriarchal by nature and such a situation generates the medicalization of womens bodiesomany factors may impede access to health care cultural or citizenship status SES may reduce access for some women age lack of education Muslim women cant be in a room alone with a man other than their husbands proximity to clinics language lack of female health care professionals lack of privacy lack of timeoSES motivation to seek services may be low most female health care professions are nurses or work in care giving professionsoWhat prevents more women from becoming doctorsoWomen may have multiple fears which causes them to seek treatment lateEx Fear of being examined by male doctors language barriers etcoPharmaceuticalsWomens lives are more medicalized than mens so women are frequently the target for pharmaceutical markets because theyre great consumersDrug companies have a significant amount of power in medicine and in government They influence what pharmaceutical research gets funded and they fund projects They spend billions on research and development as well as marketing the product for womenAntidepressants are prescribed more to women because they are perceived as stressed and weak thus are overdiagnosed with depression Drugs that are prescribed for healthy women HRT oral contraceptives Guardasil Alternative Health Care ModelsoFeminist Psychotherapy
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