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University of Ottawa
Women's Studies

Patriarchy The rule of the fathers line of inheritance It is the power and control of men over women which devalues what is feminineThe feminist movement is predominately white and middle class It focuses on the differences between men and women In recent times it has shifted to the differences between women In the USA its not considering other races creates exclusion Exclusion of these bodies is about racist practicesMary Wollstonecraft in 1971 Vindication of the Rights of Women Stated that only when theres equality between the sexes is there freedom It favours education for women to become citizensSuffragist applies to someone who supports the right to vote They campaigned peacefully through means such as meetings debates leaflets petitions etc Suffragette members of social and political union who want to vote Campaigned through more direct action such as harassing MPs disrupting meetings and even burning post boxes and buildingsCivil Rights Movement the struggle of AfricanAmericans Peak period in the 195060 The people wanted to attain equal rights to whites They were seen as inferior and system of segregation was in effect JIM CROWE was the lawcode that kept black and whites separate ie education housing use of facilities denied voting rights etc there were reigns of terror against those who ndresisted these laws This struggle influenced the 2 wave of feminism as the women saw themselves like the blacks Race people from a common descent which can be a group nationality tribe religion species or even family From the 1500s onwards we see colonial encounter between the Europeans and the new world Europeans categorize the groups they encounter into a hierarchy Try to understand how they fit create race Still unclear about race distinctions so they settle on physical differencesA subspecies of organism with distinguished characteristics developed in isolationA speciesA national or ethnic groupA religion A group of people who belong together because of similar physical characteristics or they share similar social experience based on categorization
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