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FEM 2107Jan 102012What is Womens studiesSeeks to put women in the analytic center that other course lackDeconstructs genderExamine complex ways that power circulates in individuals and groups There is no one feminist theory What is feminism Social movementBell Hooks a movement to end sexism sexist exploitation and oppressionSex genitals Dichotomy oppositional division of people concepts and things into 2 mutually exclusive categories Usually when talking about sex a predominant thought pattern in western society classify in eitheror terms Consequenceno middle ground of ambiguity is tolerated Genitalia as the deciding factor are a social phenomenon More biological variation between two women than there are between a man and women Gender the cultural definition of feminine or masculine Gender is a social category imposed on a sexed body Joan Scott thJan 1312Movie Why study popular culturethJan 17 2012ReviewSex biologyGender social constructBell Hooks Cultural criticism and transformationColour cast system lighter skinned black women with straight hair are valued more highly and hyper sexualizedCommodified blackness Enlightened witness critically vigilant about the w9oorld we live in proactive sense of agency and literacyWhite Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy keeps white people at the center of discussion different ways of oppression interlock and mutually reinforce each other invokes a political system institution not just an individual acts or beliefs invokes the larger apparatus allows for the complicity and collusion of peopleRaceLike sex we tend to think of race as innate and biological as something we inherent from our parents A lot of scientists in the 1800s tried to assert that race could be determined by skull size white mens skulls were said to be the biggest and thus bigger brains and African were said to be smaller and thus smaller brain size Wrong Skin colour is not an accurate assumption of race Race us not based on biology but race is rather an idea that we ascribe to biology Alan Goodman Race has no genetic or biological basisIntra group differences exceed intergroup difference That is greater genetic variations exists within the populations typically labelled black and white than between these populations The history of science has long been the history of failed efforts to justify social beliefs lopez Common understanding is that race predates slavery however it is said that slavery predates race race came as a way to justify slavery oppression residential school taking landcultural genocide Racial fabricationthe process by which racial meanings arise human rather than abstract social forces produce this fabrication as human constructs race is part of a social fabric that includes gender and class relations meaning systems around race change quickly races are constructed relationally against one another rather than in isolation understand blackness in relation o whiteness Implies the workings of human hands and suggests the possible intention to deceive Jan 20What is interlocking oppressionAdditive vs Interlocking models of oppression Additive models tries to consider multiple formsresponse to the statement women are all the sameOften gives a portrait of the women as not having agency Intersectionallocking is too simplisticdoes not account for the complexities of the ways in which the forms of oppression interact and support one another Jan 24Reproducing the Race Canadian Suffragettes struggle for the vote in the First Wave Women fought for the right to vote for centuries First provincial voteAlberta 1916 SOME women won the right to vote in 1918 aboriginal peoples could not vote until 1960 without losing their status Asian womenmen could not vote until 1947 SOME womens rights Social categories of women even in social justice can function to exclude certain groups of people Temperance movementmovement to control alcohol consumption as it was seen to be the ultimate evil in society
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