ANT102H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sardar, Psamtik I, Model Minority

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ANT102H5 Full Course Notes
ANT102H5 Full Course Notes
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There is some lecture concepts that overlap with the readings. Everyone has to do a reading so we don"t have to do two readings. A sardar once said that newton"s 4th law of motion was that loose motion cannot come out in slow motion. A world of languages the descriptive study of languages - zain. How to do things with words - aprill. How to ask for a drink - ammar. Whorf revisited: you are what you speak - caitlin. Speaking like a model minority: fob - tawfiq. Reading name (please, put your name and the reading you are doing) Language politics and global city - aanchal: the nature of communication: Communication is behavioural that affects the behaviour of others by the transmissions of information. Language is a highly elaborate code made up of words and rules to combine them. Syntax- is the set of rules a person uses to form units of language.

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