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What is Anthropology

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Victor Barac

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Anthropology Book Notes
Chapter 1
What is Anthropology?
Human Adaptability
Creativity, adaptability, and flexibility are basic human attributes.
Human diversity is the subject of anthropology.
Anthropology is the study of human species and immediate
oit is holistic
it means the study of the WHOLE human condition
past, present, and future; biology, society, language and
looking things at the big picture
ois the exploration of human diversity in time and space
oAre traditions and customs transmitted through learning, that
form and guide the beliefs and behavior of the people around
oIt is learned by children through enculturation
oIt is not biological
oIt is like ethics, what is wrong and what is not?
Adaptation, Variation, and Change
Processes which organisms cope with environmental forces and
Forces and stresses could be topography, climate, and terrain
oEx: People who survive in mountains (lack of O2)
Can adapt culturally or biologically
oCulturally: wear O2 masks
oBiologically: hyperventilation, larger lungs (genetic), more
efficient respiratory system (long term)
We used to do foraging but now we do food production
General anthropology
four main subfields: sociocultural/ cultural, archeological, biological,
and linguistic
cultural changes in social life and customs
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