ANT200H5 Study Guide - Olmec Colossal Heads, Maya Script, Cenote

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2 Dec 2011

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Lecture 9: complex society in mesoamerica: mesoamerica- central america. Guatemala, belize, and parts of honduras: associated with maya and aztec, maya associated with lowlands, aztec- group limited to highlands particularly in valley of mexico, highland vs. lowland mesoamerica. Foundation for the valley of mexico: sierra madre mountains- range of mountains. In the highlands those characteristics give rise to the maya: major cultural traditions and sites in mesoamerica, multiple developmental centers, olmec are thought to be a mother culture by some for many of the traditions see in mesoamerica. One of the earliest evidences of complexity that see in the region. General environmental context: highalnds: mountains, lakes and deep river valleys, backdrop for inter-regional exchange, origins of food production. See earliest evidence for their domestication in this region. Maize and bean and squash went on to become major staples in the diets of mesoamericans: a lot of the agriculture see in the region associated with alluvial terraces next to the rivers.

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