ANT202H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Total Variation, Directional Selection, Mate Choice

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12 Oct 2017

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Biological anthropology evolutionary science focused on human biological origins, evolution, and variation. Ie: living organisms have changed in the past and continue to change, there are forms of life today that did not exist millions of years ago, there are forms of life that are not around today. Scientific hypotheses must be testable there must be potential for a hypothesis to be rejected. Theories a set of hypotheses that have been tested repeatedly and that have not been rejected. Ie: evolution, the hypothesis of natural selection as developed by darwin is a major component of modern evolutionary theory. Greek thought static unchanging view of the world. Later western thought everything was created by god in their present form with little change over many generations: this gave rise to science during the european renaissance in the western world. Early biology focused on the description and classification of organisms.