ANT214H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: The 100-Mile Diet, Thomas Robert Malthus, Golden Rice

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18 Apr 2017

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60 points 50 mcq 10 true and false: 5 possible answers, all lectures. The textbook is not on the exam, its all from the lectures. Cultural and soc significance of food and nutrition. Food is: sustenance and symbol, biological need and part of our material culture. Biologically we all need to eat, universally we all eat, but whats the diff: linked to status and power. Thomas malthus the weird graph he drew which said that after a point, food will be lesser than the pop: involved in defining and maintaining social relations, behaviour surrounding food is affected by: Enough food to feed everyone in the world but ppl are still hungry. What is anthropology: anthropos man, logia study, systematic study of humankind (both past and present) Colonial, racist days: initially emerged as a by-product of exploration and colonization, 4 majore subfields. What forces in the past have shaped us: comparative. What are the reasons for this diff: contextual.