ANT214H5- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 34 pages long!)

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13 Oct 2017

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Lecture 1: welcome and introduction | biocultural approach to human nutrition basics. A biological need and part of our material culture. Involved in defining and maintaining social relations. Systematic study of human kind (both past and present) Initially emerged as a by-product of exploration and colonization. The systematic study of humans as biological organisms. Studies all aspects of the biology and behavior of the human species (and out closest relatives), past and present. Study of past societies and their cultures using material remains. Artifacts: material products of former societies (e. g stone or bone tools, clay plots, figurines) Ecofacts: natural objects that have been used or affected by humans (e. g bone from animals, seeds and pollen) o. How the human brain acquires and uses language. Elaborate systems of food distribution, sharing and exchange. Substances in food necessary to maintain life. Provide energy, contribute to body structure, regulate biological processes. Essential nutrients - must be provided in the diet.