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Dax Urbszat

Ant101 final exam review 2011 Chapter 1 —Subfields of anthropology —Subfields of physical anthropology —Subfields of osteology —Anthropology and science —Theoretical perspectives Chapter 2: Basics of archaeology —Survey —Excavation —Analysis —Interpretation Dating methods —Relative vs Absolute —Mechanism/use —Time frame —Limitations Chapter 3: biology & evolution —History of biological thought • Who • What • Importance • limitations Evolution – Darwin —Natural selection —Evolutionary forces —Adaptation —Speciation Genetics – Mendel —Principles —Protein synthesis —Genetic terms Chapter 4 Primates —Primate traits —Primate behaviors Primate taxonomy —Who —Traits Chapter 5 Primate Origins —Major periods & epochs —Epochs of the Cenozoic • Who is probable ancestor • When did they live • Where are they found • What are their general traits Chapter 6: australopithecines —Gracile vs robust species • Where • When • Traits Gracile —East Africa: • A.anamensis • A.afarensis —South Africa • A.africanus Robust —East Africa • A.boisei • A.aethiopicus —South Africa • A.robustus Chapter 7 to 9 :evolution of the genus Homo —Know each species —Where are they found —When did they live —What are their general traits - primitive, unique, derived Tool technology • What is the tradition called • Species • Characteristic tool • Function • Method of manufacture • Where • When Chapter 7 —Early homo —Homo habilis - Oldowan Chapter 8 —Homo erectus – Acheulean (Chopping tool tradition in SE Asia) —Homo ergaster (African H. erectus) Ch
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