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Meaghan Marian

Mutation: spontaneous change Genetic drift Gene flow: introduction or leaving of population and change the available genes directional: - natural selection promotes change stability - what keeps it stable Macroevolution Divergent - if there is some kind of barrier (geographical) - adaptation to different environments - offspring will eventually become so different that they can't really reproduce anymore - creation of new species - Convergent - when two different organisms adapt to the same enviro - they will begin to adapt the same characteristics History of the study of human variation - Linneaus (1758)- invented the classification of organisms - classification of animals - americanis - europaeus (white, serious, ruled by laws) - asiaticus - afer - monstrosus (deformed or imaginary people) - Count de Buffon (1749)- rejects classification of humans but still had strong cultural bias - tried to object the sense of classification - emphasis the idea of humans as one species - humans are both the investigators and subjects - tried to classify after Darwin - eugenics originated in the US, it applies natural selection with reproduction - if people of favourable traits reproduce then offspring will be good and benift society - means that people with "unfavourable" traits are not supposed to reproduce - francis Galton: heredity genius - took out cultural traits and said that they are inherent - people with highSES shouldreproduce where as low SES shouldn't - Charles Devenport - heredity in relation to to eugenics - breeding of individual w/ favourable traits - biased culturally - feeble mindedness is a genetic trait - adolf hiter applied eugenics to the jewish population - this is when the US abandoned eugenics - earnest hooton-went against the eugenics movement even prior to the WW2 - cannot isolate a group - differencesbetween individuals in onegroup are even more different then individuals wi
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