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Sherry Fukuzawa

STTHE FINAL EXAM IS ON FRIDAY JUNE 21 FROM 57PM IN IB120THERE ARE 100 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS COVERING THE ENTIRE TERM AND TEXTBOOKYOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE FINAL EXAM FOR THE FIRST 45 MINUTES OF THE EXAMThis is disruptive to other students and the CPOs must have time to take all the attendancePlease stay in your seat until 550pmANT101h5s 2013Practice Quiz for the Final ExaminationJune 20131What dating method was used to date the Laetoli footprintsaRadiocarbonbAmino acid racemizationcPotassium argondElectron spin resonanceeThey have not been dated because you cannot date footprints2Who came up with the terms Genus and SpeciesaLyell bAristotle cRaydLinnaeus came up with binomial nomenclature eDarwin 3What is protein synthesisaThe assembly of chains of amino acidsbA process that is directed by DNAcThe arrangement of amino acids into functional protein moleculesdA process that takes place both in the nucleus and on the ribosomes in the cytoplasmeAll of the above4Who has the dental formula 2133aAll haplorrhines bAll strepsirrhines cAll catarrhines 2123dAll platyrrhinesalso have prehensile taleseAll hominoids
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