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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jennifer Jackson

Unit 2 and 3 Review and Study Guide. Language and Identity, Language and Power Language and Gender Gender is everywhere. It shapes how we feel about ourselves, each other, and how we interact. Western culture naturalizes gender, which means we think it is natural when really it is a cultural construction. This is manifest in how sex and gender are so interconnected in Western culture that we need a clear anatomical sex in order to know how to give identity to a person, how to raise that person, how to interact at all. Surgeries to assign a sex are common in Western medical practices just so that a baby can then be gendered. Culture trumps biology as it needs biology to explain it to the extent it changes biology. Our understanding of how gender translates into practiceshow females versus males speak, dress, walk, act in generalis based on ideologies of what we think is right and wrong about being a male or female. These are known as gender ideologies. There are 3 models scholars and everyday people tend to apply when considering differences between men and women: 1. Female Deficit M
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