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Jennifer Jackson

Study terms for Antro Midterm Anthropology study of Humanity from its evolutionary origins millions of years ago to its present worldwide distribution and diversity Linguistic anthropology nature of language itself and the relationship between language and culture. The way human think about and use language to accomplish certain practical and symbolic feats. Socio-cultural anthropology study of how people organize experience, the world, and their social interactions and how they adapt to various environments PhysicalBiological Anthropology study human origins and contemporary biological diversity, particularly between human and primates (what distinguishes us from animals). Archaeology study material culture to reconstruct life of humans through history (using fossils and rock evidene). Map cultural change though time and make connections between cutures. Applied Anthropology from all 4 subfields and use knowledgeskills to work outside of academia in order to resolve social issues. (preventing war, conservation biology, forensic anthropology). Ethnography Primary method of understanding cultural variation and social change. Involves months to decades of observations, interviews, and participation in peoples everyday lives Fieldwork - Observations and work done in an actual work environment to gain real-life experience and knowledge. Participant Observation - Holistic perspective seek understanding of life in different populations by going there, asking questions, trying to fit in. Franz Boas & Bronislaw Malinowski Took anthropologists out of the lab and into the field to actually see how people organise their work to get rid of preconceptions and use questionnaires Signs something that stands for something else (3 types: icons, index, symbols)
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