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ANT102H5 - Lecture notes up to mid term

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Victor Barac

July 8th 2014Lecture 1 7 key concepts 1 Holism perspective of researchunderstand all concepts of the culturelooks at integration of living human communities how biological ecological interact INTEGRATION 2 eldworkdata gathering phase microscopic indepth 3 comparisongeographic scope and temporal scope time and historical compare it to the past allows you to test hypothesis 4 cultural relativism ethnocentrismwhen studying other cultures it is important to suspend initial judgement not judge and give it a moral judgement Ethnocentriceverything is interrupted in your narrow culturemy way is correct basis 5 scienticnomothetic anthropology related to 6argues that anthropology should be generated by theories that are law likes that approximate laws looking at sophisticated correlation General accept doctrine of biological evolution materialist6 interpretivereexive antheralways variation and exceptions to the rule what anthropology should be doing should be looking at discourse science itself in certain forms are ideological brain wash discourse 1973a radical change scientic of homosexualityconsidered a disease Gay association ght rights and then homosexuality would be taken down from a disease its a discourse Science is dominant religion continues disconstruction7 Basic vs Applied research for the desire to know generates knowledge without an explicated goal Basic researchstudying how many whacks in the head does it take to kill a ratno usage what kind of knowledge will it yield Applied when there is a specic goal to which the research will be applied In anthropology most happens out side of academia Most anthropology is basic research very few specialize in applied5 subelds of anthropology1Biological anthropologyPaleoanthropologyoldest human specimen looks at human fossil records reconstruct earliest human history largest human time scape digs up skeletons skulls reconstructs themand reconstructs it natural selectionPrimatologyStudying non human primates fossils living primates closest biological relation Human evolutionbipedalism and expanding cranium pressures to expand to brain human birth canal becomes narrowhuman babies require long period of care and time compared to other primates Domestic issue happens in every culture Primate only when hormones allows it it shows humans dont Food system shapes our lives leisure would depend on this signication of socialContemporary human variation Continuous traits height skin colour versus Discrete traits blood type earlobe shape Cobb most important thing was not race but things like education social economic background desire to work hard2Archaeology study of human artifacts Prehistoric 25 million years ago of earliest tool industry what humans construct Historical writing56thousand years ago 30 BC in seamer sexy shitex ancient GreeceExperimental dirtin the wilderness something youd throw away in the waste priceless artefacts to test their theories test this stuff catch the pray to use similar tools in their archeological sites eat grubs to see if it works stimulation give up modern way of farming to do experiment garbagesgarbage ask people how much they drink reported drinking amounts what was found in the dump was 15th were found in the dump when you are dealing with information people will often doctrine their responses Female under report sex male vice versa 3Linguistics Everyone either has a language or not total functioning humanlinguistic comprehension part of normal competency youd be dysfunctional if you dont know if you learn a language after pubertyyou will have an accentDescriptive linguisticsinternational phonetic Phoenicia a limited number of sounds arrangement varies alphabets IPAHistorical linguisticsHow much of our culture is beneath our consciouswe dont have to think about it Refers to the history if language A lot starts in the 18th century when a British named William Jonessystematic relationshipbetween classical greek english classic language Sanskrithis research showed that language changes over timeit does not stay over timeit diverges overtime Wrote about linguist data set its better than biological However it is linked Kertish and Englishmuch richer historical understandingSociolinguistics 1 Language as marker of social status 1 Dialect 1 Regional social etc 2 Bilingualism 1 Code switching 2 Speech in actionhow people use language 1 Conversation2 DiscourseLanguage and culturebathroomimage of sun and one had a moon different meanings arm in many different languages4Cultural anthropology 1 Ethnography1 Fieldwork rights of passage risks involved 2 Monographs2 Ethnology 1 Classication and comparisongenerate datahas anyone done studies like this before if so compare it 2 Explanationwhat accounts for the data what is observed what is describedhow do you explain it Ethnology 1analysis classication and comparison of data 1 Descent systemsfamily organization 2 Patrilineal viennaFreud vs Matrillineal Trobriand IslanderMalinowski 2 Theory1 Feud and university of Oedipus complex2 Malinowski Contra Freud the role of culture2Where does authority come from 4How does society shape sentiment how the mom was related but the dad wasnt Freud and 5Applied anthropology 1Medical Anthropology health and heal Developed a cough going to doctor seeing specialist it wasnt in his bodyit was in his cultureenvironment apartment is super dirty
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