Study Summary for Anthro 102 - I got a 88 - good luck :)

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Jennifer Jackson

ANTHRO TERM TEST!!!!! cultural anthro what should and shouldnt be (what people think) socio anthro social relations (what people do) culture thoughts (ideas, beliefs and values) society what people do (organize selves into) Socio-cultural anthropology is concerned w patterns of thought and behavior. Similarities and differences are looked at across different societies and cultures. It is study that generally looks at living people. Anthropology is different from other disciplines bc it comes up with its own reasons and explanations, and generally studies away from western societies. It is considered a discipline of the third world, and is concerned with people in places and how they themselves make meaning of the world around us all. Anthropologists try to be holistic and therefore focus on multiple parts of people at a time, they also send to be comparative. They look at thing we take for granted (typical characteristics) and most importantly they go into the field. Culture is a systematic whole, it is something we learn and not something we are born with, it is past on bw generations and is a system of shared and basic beliefs, it informs are actions and everyone has it. Society is how people organize themselves, To be human is to have culture and live together. Problems in the field consist of poor communication, standing out, food problems and small town tactics.
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