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Dylan Clark

“Preparing for a Sing Sing” Study guide for Schieffelin Midterm, ANT204, Fall, UTM, Clark Listen to the Kaluli, while you study? Image: preparing for a sing-sing festival, Kaluli men, Bosavi region, Papua New Guinea, date unknown. 1.)Reciprocity is a key to Kaluli culture. For Schieffelin it is a master motif, a homology that runs through all things Kaluli. Life is forged in gifts and obligations, things given and things owed. a.) What is a homology? ant204 schieffelin guide, midterm, fall 2011 1 Idea that different cultural symbols are reflected and stemmed in aothers cultural symbols. And that every little aspect of that has everylittle aspect of this play a major role in who you are today b.) Explain Kaluli views of reciprocity in terms of kinship, death, crime, and spirits. Gizzar (honours dead ) o is a for of reciprocity. 2.)(Cha. 2) How do the Kaluli make (or produce) the place they live in? Be sure to consider place names and locality/identity in your answer. Name based on features and activates that took place in that location. 3.) (Cha. 2) Whow does longhosue architecture make ligble and reify certain ‘truths’ about gender and kinship among the Kaluli? Possible things to consider: public/private, sexuality, segregation. Segregation of sex and age – areas are “allowed” acess to certain features. “Truth” about gender and kinship are reified by the space this kin shares compaired to non kin special arangements. Spaces in house reify ideas about gender and what is help privte/public 4.)(Cha. 3) Food is an arbitrary symbol. And yet it may play key roles in the forging of social relations and culture. Explain the ways with which Kaluli use food to talk about –and reify—their culture and themselves. Communicates affection, fail to not offer food to guest then you saying that they are not welcome.Eg. the belief that women menstruating is unpured is raifyed by saying that she is so unpure that if she was to use the nets and hunt/gather finding and gathering food would be continamitated or scarce. 5.)(p.46) My favorite quote in the book: “having eaten sago, I was established as a fellow creature.” Explain the significance of this quote. Legibility, seen readable as he is now associated with signs and symbols recognized by that culture. - Kauli ant204 schieffelin guide, midterm, fall 2011 2 6.)Compare this quote (p. 46, sago) to the film “First Contact” in which the highlanders wondered if these pales skinned, straongely dressed creastres were human. Mention the discovery that they too defecated or that they had penises, as evidence that these pale things really were “men.” Some legible signs 7.)Were these “Whites” really “men”? Briefly argue that though legible as “men,” they were indeed a different sort of creature. (The task here is not to jdge one group or the other, but to see the processes of making one another legible.) Legible through similar things but made different though there lack of knowledge about the different culture. 8.)(pp. 47, 149) For that Kaluli, food sharing is a language of emotions. Explain. Food is a way of showing how ones feel. Food is a way materializing their emotions. In love Eg. Giving of salt from a man to a woman signifies that he likes her. 9.)(pp. 48
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