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Gary Crawford

ANT313 - Archaeologists critiquing each other; whether argument holds up a critique shows how long the interpretations will hold - Habu said some sites seem to be multifunctional or some are seasonal o Prof has issues with this o Can’t use Ainu for the Jomon hunter and gatherers - Jomon in SW Hokkaido - Hakodate Airport - Nakano B o Rich resources and beautiful environment o Extinct volcano o Hundreds of houses at the site o 9000 cal. BP - Flotation Samples o Using varieties of plants  Actinidia (a type of kiwi fruit you can buy today)  Echinochloa (Japanese millet)  Walnut, dogwood, Amur corktree, grape, elderberry, knotweed  Jomon could be involved in agriculture  Japanese millet in every site, but did it ever become domesticated? - Coastline of _____ peninsula - Pit house fill strata: relevance of context o Pottery are broken and layered o Depression of decayed houses and then people living beside the abandoned house are using the depression as a garbage pit - Kakinoshima: landscape modification o Horseshoe shape o Flattened the interior area and then excavate the inside o The mound changes local ecology - Early Jomon houses and sampling - Found wide range of plants associated with houses o Plants flourish around human occupations o Those depression would’ve been good for collecting plant samples (the organic materials good for plant growth)  Grasses, raspberries type things, sumac  Actinidi, chenopod, etc; o Echinochloa - Usujiri B o During middle Jomon, larger millet sizes and closer to domestication o People are not passive here - Large quantity of laquer tree seeds in this structure o Pots painted with lacquer o Pits filled with lacquer seeds o Something special going on - Context and quantity o Context important to figuring things out - Modern analogue in area o Woodlands and forest edge and trails that joins communities o Zoom in: all the plants we find in the archaeological record
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