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Jennifer Carlson

Ch.1  Solar system was thought to be geocentric= everything revolves around the earth  Solar system is actually heliocentric= planets revolve around the sun  Nearest star to earth= Promxa Centuri  Age of solar system— ~5 billion yrs.  Light travels at fastest possible speed (300 000 km/s)  Earth is rotating= spinning – one spin takes 1 day (24hrs)  Earth is revolving= orbiting – 1yr. to orbit around sun Ch.2  Constellations—patterns of stars we see in the sky  Local sky—the sky above the horizon where we are standing  Appearance of rising/setting sun—earth spins towards the east.  Sun’s rising/setting—solar time (2 motions)  Star (sidereal) time—earths spin (1 motion)  Cause of seasons—earths spin is tilted by 23 ½ degree to its orbital motion -this has 2 effects: 1) sunlight’s concentration on the ground 2) # of hrs. of daylight  Moon—orbits earth—we track moons path in the sky using the background star patterns  Moons orbital period= 27.3 days  Moons phases: also caused by moons orbit around earth—moon doesn’t emit light it only reflects sunlight  There are solar eclipses—when moon comes in front of sun, and lunar eclipses—when moon passes through earths shadow, but these do not occur every month b/c of the tilt b/w moons orbit and earth
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