BIO205H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Plasmodium, Understory, Heterosis

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Unitary: organism that are an individual unit such as a zygote that grows into a genetically unique organism. Modular: organisms that have indefinite growth form such as plants and corals; a genetically unique organism such as a zygote develops into a module and makes similar modules (ex. Genet: genetic individual, an organism that has arisen from a zygote (sexual reproduction) like a flower. Ramet: an individual produced asexually, remain attached or grow independently of parents, is a clone of the parents like grass. Distribution: describes spatial location of population and is based on the presence and absence of individuals. Geographic range: area that encompasses all individuals of a species. Geographic barriers limit the distribution of a population and restrict its ability to colonize areas that are otherwise suitable (ex. mountains, oceans, lakes) The red maple is a wide spread deciduous trees in north america which has a.

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