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BIO409 Quiz #1
Question 1
1 out of 1 points
In your experiments you will use two batches of plants, high light grown plants and low light grown
plants. High light grown plants will accumulate carotenoids and shade grown plants will increase
chlorophyll levels to increase the absorption of light. Which plants will likely show a yellow-green color
and which plants will show a dark-green color?
Selected Answer: C.
shade light plants will appear dark-green and high light plants will appear yellowish-green
Question 2
1 out of 1 points
In which unit and within what spectral wavelength do plant physiologists express the photosynthetically
active radiation (PAR) absorbed by plants?
Selected Answer: C.
Unit = mol quanta m-2 s-1, wavelength = 400-700 nm
Question 3
0 out of 1 points
Why are summer leaves green, even though carotenoids are present?
Selected Answer: B.
Carotenoids are located in different compartments of the leaves than chlorophyll.
Question 4
0 out of 1 points
During photosynthesis, which of the following states is attained?
Selected Answer: D. ATP is produced in the cytoplasm of plant cells.
Question 5
0 out of 1 points
What is the role of chloroplast movement in high light conditions?
Selected Answer: A.
chloroplast movement contributes to increasing light energy absorbed and thus to maximize
Question 6
0 out of 1 points
What is the correct definition of the term photochemical efficiency?
Selected Answer: C. Photochemical efficiency is the increase in photosynthetic rate achieved per
unit increase in transpiration by the leaf.
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