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Study tables of textbook for Final

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BIO152 FALL 2010 Harman Sawhney BIO152 Midterm Study Guide Harman Sawhney This is just a sample of the study tables you should have in your notes. You will likely have more than these in your study notes. (Review from highschool below. Note, you do not need to have the functional groups memorized, but you should understand their role in biologyie. The type of molecule they are found in) Figure 2.3 on page 41 in textbook (Chapter 2) FUNCTIONAL FORMULA PROPERTIES OF TYPE OF MOLECULE GROUP FUNCTIONAL THIS GROUP IS GROUP FOUND IN (eg. acts as a base) Amino The amino part acts likeAmines a base tends to Amino acids attract a proton to form NH3 Carbonyl (Ketone Aldehydes especially Aldehydes Aldehyde) react with Ketones compounds of form HR2to produce larger molecules to form alcohols. Carboxyl Acts as an acid tends Carboxylic acids to lose a proton to form an ester. Hydroxyl Highly polar so makes Alcohols compounds more soluble through hydrogen bonding with water; may also act as a weak acid and drop a proton www.notesolution.comBIO152 FALL 2010 Harman Sawhney Methyl Non polar Organic compounds CH 3 Phosphate When several Organic Phosphates PO 43- phosphate groups are linked together, breaking O-P bonds releases large amounts of energy Sulfate Acidic behavior with Acids? SO 2- water 4 Sulfhydryl When present in Thiols (cysteine) proteins they amino acids can form disulfide bonds (S-S) that contribute to protein structure
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