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BIO152 Lecture 16: Speciation How are species defined and identified: - bio. Species concept: can they breed and produce viable offspring? (good example: mule: can’t reproduce) - morphospecies concept: related through structural trees. - Phylogenetic species concept: Can we look at them and tell if they are related? - Eco. Species concept: niche. Monophyletic Groups: Figure 26.3, page 554 Monophyletic group: contains a common ancestor and all its descendants Pylogenetic species concept Species Definitions in Action: dusky Seaside Sparrow - People thought they were different species because of their characteristics - Atlantic coast had a grp of subspecies and the gulf coast had a grp of subspecies - Looking at DNA will tell us if they are genetically separate or similar Isolation and Divergence in Allopatry - 4 ways evolution can occur:all they do is cause allele frequencies to change - Natural selection happens to better fit the environment, not necessarily the case with the other 3 processes - Allopatry: “different” “fatherland” = different sources - Allopatric speciation (26.5): happens via dispersal or vicariance o Dispersal: traveling to different land o Vicariance: when it isolates populations
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