BIO200 Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Mc Intyre Burnham

Lecture 1 September-10-13 9:35 PM Drug - adjusting physiology of an individual for medical purpose Lectures Page 1 Physiological dose - normal dose for regular supplement Pharmacological dose - a dose that is given to cure a deficiency (vitamin) Medicine - keeps body in homeostasis Poison - affects the receptors and Drugs - puts body out of homeostasis puts it out of homeostasis All poisons are drugs not vice versa Not a drug when using on cleaning table Drug when used to clean wound Often carbon based. Have an effect on excitable membranes like muscles/neurons Ligand - something that binds to a receptor Drug molecules stabilize the protein molecule in inactivated/activated state. Can attract to membranes non-specifically. Lectures Page 2 How the drug enters the body and spreads and leaves the body Entry to the body How it distributes One method of excretion. Fat soluble compounds need to be converted to water soluble for it to be excreted. Done by liver. Done by kidney Mechanism of drug action Effect of the drug on protein (open / close ion channel). What it does after it enters the body. Lectures Page 3 How it acts on you Effects that it has on you Lectures Page 4 Lectures Page 5 Many plants are poisonous. Scientists use it in small doses to treat diseases.
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