BIO200 Lecture 21

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Mc Intyre Burnham

Lecture 21 November-26-13 5:07 PM Street drugs - non-medical use of drugs Lectures Page 1 There is a moral judgement built in to it "makes you high" It is very common - every society uses drugs for non-medicinal purposes(recreational, religious) Alcohol - cause liver failure, some show this physical symptom Lectures Page 2 or think Act on the mind Ex. Anticonvulsants which you take to increase seizure threshold Calms you down For analgesia, the only strong pain killers, not widely used because of fear of addiction, people with psychiatric problems or depressed people tend to get addicted to it (1 in 5 ppl) There's a battle between treating pain and treating addiction Amphetamines - widely used to keep people awake in war, but not so much today, can make you lose weight Cocaine - treat narcolepsy, ADHD Gives hallucination Cannabis in high dosages (low dosage is just a sedative) Functional tolerance - you withdraw from the drug (abstinence syndrome) You go off the drug slowly, you will never experience abstinence syndrome Lectures Page 3 The progress of someone who takes alcohol May stop someonefrom ever drinkingagain Conditionedto surroundingswhere you are taking the drug, ex. Taking alcoholyou feel good even before you drink Both positive and negative (more of positive)effect Expensive, monkey w/ back pack which is attached to the computer The drug feels good, he presses the lever more to get more of the drug Left (white), right (black), there is barrier Animal on white side (with drug) Then take away barrier and see if the rat goes to the black side If drug is reinforcing, rat stays in the white side If not, he goes back and forth Lectures Page 4 If society approves of the drug, more people will take it If not ok, then less people will use the drug Cannabis use is acceptable in some place and age groups If society is in bad way, drug use is likely People in Japan are very unhappy, so many people take drugs US soldiers were addicted to heroin in Vietnam Crime empire emerged from selling of illicit alcohol and rise of black market This is why government put more tax in cigs and alcohol Lectures Page 5 Faster effect, more likely you get hooked on the drug Injected (heroin) it gets quickly to the brain, methadone (an opioid) low Po/w last longer in the brain - people don’t get so high and don’t get withdrawal for longer periods p.o much slower than i.v, less likely to get hooked up if taken p.o Personality can be transferred genetically (anxiety and depression - CNS disorders that are strongly genetic) 4.) Other Fac
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