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BIO205exam notes1Major TermsLife tablesoUsed to estimate agespecific probabilities ofsurvivaland reproductionolet us make projections about population dynamicocohortstaticcohortidentify indiv born at same timekeep records from birthstaticrecord age at death of individual Lecture EightSpecific InteractionsCompetitionCompetitionoWhen individuals use Same resources resources are limitedoAffects Distribution abundance of speciesoSpecies exert selective pressure on each other through interactions such as competitionPop growthlimiting resourcescompetitionintrainter specificoResources nutriens territories nest sites matesoInterspecificbetween individuals of DIFFERENT speciesoIntraspecificwithin individuals of SAME speciesoBIO205exam notes2Major TopicsLecture Sixdemography and population dynamicsLife tables oEstimate abt agespec prob of survive and reprooProjections abt pop dynamicsoCohort record from birthstatic age at deathAge distributionoType of static tableNot cohort cuz all born at diff timesoWut percentage in wut age category at a snap shotoReflects history of survival reproduction future growth potentialoStable Growing DecliningoOntarioMore older than youngerNot replacing themselvesLife expextancyadd on the prob of survival from birth to that age oForest of white oaksCoring treesestimation of ageDominated by young treesThus older trees being replaced by younger treesReproduction is sufficient to replace old trees that dieAge yrs vs percentage of trees population stableVs cottonwood forest Dominated by old treesabsence of young treespopulation will not persistold trees not replacedshortterm variation in population dynamics evident in age structureofinch of Galapagosohighly variable climatemuch variation in yearly reproductive successsurvival oage vs percentage of finchesfairly even distribution of indiv among diff age classesseveral yrs of successful reproductionage class missingbirds did not nest due to climate of that yearcan see that gapabsence of age grp in following yearsno 6 yr olds at 1983 no nesting in 1977thus no 10 yr olds at 1987droughts prevent nestingreduce number of older birdsabundant rainpopulation dominant in that year age classhow do populations change in sizeoDeath
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