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Giampaolo Moraglia

Protein structure 1. What are the functions of protein? 2. What are the 20 different amino acids and their properties? 3. What are the 2 formations of the 3D structure of amino acid chains and hinges 4. What are the 3 motifs. 5. Name the 7 post translational modifications and what do they do? Protein folding 1. What is the most thermal dynamically stable form called? 2. What are the three simple steps to protein folding and what determines the folding shape? 3. Evidence for protein folding shape? 4. What are some examples of misfolded proteins? 5. What is a prion based disease and describe the Creutzfeld – Jacob disease. (describe both conformations) 6. How does prion act as an infectious agent? 7. What are the 2 types of chaperones and what do they do? 8. What are some examples of HSP70 like proteins and what does it do? 9. Describe the general cycle of a HSP70. 10. Describe the general process of chaperonins. Protein Degradation 1. What is the protein degrading cellular machinery called and why must proteins be degraded? (5) 2. What is the process of protein degradation? 3. Which proteins are ubiquitnated? 4. What ubiquitnation dependent functions does Proteasome have? Structure – Function Relationships 1. What 2 things do ligands have to demonstrate? Des
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