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midterm from 2010 with answers

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Robert Reiez

Major Features of Vertebrate Evolution February 23rd, 2010 Biology 356 18 Name:_____SAMPLE MIDTERM_____ Student #_________________ Overview: This quiz is worth 25% of your course mark. All multiple choice questions are of equal value and are 1 mark each; TF & Fill in Blanks are one mark each; & short answer questions are 5 marks each (TOTAL MARKS = 60) Section I: Multiple Choice. Please select the best answer. (1 mark each = 25 marks) 1. Which of the following characters evolve within Temnospondylii: A. reduction in the number of vertebrae. B. shortening of the skull table. C. enlargement of the orbits. D. all of the above. E. A & B above. 2. Modern predatory sharks (e.g., Great Whites) belong to which elasmobranch clade: A. Galeomorphi. B. Batoidea. C. Squaliformes. D. Xenacanthiformes 3. The primary components of the gnathostome skull are: A. chondrocranium. B. splanchocranium. C. dermatocranium. D. All of the above E. A & B above. 4. Vertebral zygapophyses are present in which of the following groups: A. Panderichthyida. B. Tetrapoda. C. Arthrodira. D. Actinistia E. A, B, & C above. 5. Jaw suspension in modern sharks is: A. autostylic. B. hyostylic. C. freakystylic. D. A & B above 6. In a phylogenetic tree, sister taxa best represent: A. convergent evolution. B. a speciation event. C. an apomorphy. D. a symplesiomorphy. E. none of the above.
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