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BIO152 SAMPLE EXAM QUESTIONSDr F Rawle BEFORE YOU START ENTER VERSION CODE A ON YOUR SCANTRON SHEET1 Louis Pasteurs experiment had a good design becausea simple equipment was usedb a major question spontaneous generation was testedc the possible outcomes led to distinct unambiguous conclusionsd the experiment was a successd all of the above2 According to the figure below which of the following organisms is the most closely related to Red algaea Diatomsb Firmicutesc Aeropyrumd Euglenidse Euglenids and diatoms3 A maple tree is classified into domainand kingdom a Eukarya Animaliab Eukarya FungiPAGE2BI110 FALL 2009FINAL EXAM Dr RawleStudent ID c Eukarya Plantaed Eukarya Protistae Baceria Archaea4 Which of these provides evidence of the common ancestry of all lifea the ubiquitous use of catalysts by living systemsb the universality of the genetic codec the structure of the nucleusd the structure of ciliae the structure of chloroplasts5 A pH is neutral due to the dissociation of water molecules in pure water How many molecules of water have broken down into a hydroxide ion and a hydronium ion at pH7a 1 in 1 millionb 1 in 10 millionc 1 in 100 milliond 1 in 1 billione none of the above6 While water has many exceptional and useful properties which is the rarest property among compoundsa water is a solventb solid water is less dense than liquid water
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