CHM110H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Ph Meter, Mississauga, Pharmacology

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21 Oct 2015
November, 7th 2014
Dr. Amy Mullin
Dean and Vice Principal University of Toronto Mississauga
Office of the Dean, University of Toronto Mississauga, 3359 Mississauga Rd. Mississauga, ON,
L5L 1C6
Dear Dr. Amy Mullin,
I am a student at University of Toronto Mississauga, and I am writing to you to address the
lack of accurately functional pH meters in the first year chemistry laboratory. Over my recent
visits to the lab, I noticed that the pH meters in the lab were either not working at all or were
poorly functioning due to being worn out. Although it may not seem that big of an issue, as there
are alternate methods of calculating pH, I want to bring into your notice the importance and
otherwise benefits of using the pH meter not only to the chemists and biologists, but also the
student performing the lab.
pH calculation is one of the most crucial calculations during any kind experimental
procedure to ensure the desired results. Industrially, it is used during almost all synthesis
processes like production of cheese and fermentation of beer as well as the testing of food
colours, preservatives and bottled water. To better understand the significance of pH calculations
in general, we need to understand what pH actually is. It is basically the measure of the acidity or
basicity of a solution which is determined by the potential or amount of Hydrogen ions in a
solution. The higher the amount of the ions, the more acidic the solution is and the lower the pH
is. We can use various methods to determine the pH of a solution, like the pH papers or various
indicators, which can provide us with a range of pH values that are close to the actual value,
however no method can give us an accurate value for the pH except for the pH meter. Therefore,
it is essential for the lab to have enough pH meters in order to carry out experiments accurately.
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