CLA201H5 Quiz: May 17 Vocab List

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Benjamin Wheaton

May 17 Vocab Quiz NOUN-FORMING SUFFIXES Suffix Definition Example Ter Mean of Ureter Place of Sphincter It One who Antagonist Ast Physicist T(e) One who Prophet That which Gamete Ician Specialist in Pediatrician Practitioner of Dietician Ia State of Agony Y Condition of Philosophy Quality of Ism Condition of Alcoholism Ismus Belief in Metabolism Sis Act of Synthesis Sia Process of Diagnosis Sy Sometimes the result of the Ecstasy Se process M Result of the act of Cinema Ma Drama Me Stigma Mat Oma(t) Denoting tumors and other Melanoma abnormal growths Glaucoma Osis Diseased condition of Psychosis Act of Neurosis Process of Hypnosis Itis Inflammation of Appendicitis Inflammatory disease of Tonsillitis In Chemical substance Antitoxin Ium Part Perinepherium Lining or enveloping tissue Region Us Condition Anotus Person Hydrocephalus Id(a/ae) Descended from arachnidae Related to May 17 Vocab Quiz GREEK DIMINUITIVE SUFFIXES Suffix Definition Example Ium Little Bacterium Ion Podium Idium Little Conidium Idion Plastidion Arium Little Conarium Arion Hipparion Isk Little Asterisk Iscus Meniscus GREEK VERB-FORMING SUFFIXES Suffix Definition Example Ize To make Carbonize To treat Synchronize To do something with Antagonize Ate To make Gyrate To treat Aerate To do something with Hydrate ROOTS I Root Definition Example Amygdal Almond Amygdalae Tonsil Amygdalitis Andr Man Androgyny Male Ergatandrous Anthrop Human being Anthropology Chron Time Heterochronism Clad Branch Heterocladic Dyn(am) Power Adynamia Eme To vomit Hyperemesis Gymn Naked Gymnosomatous Uncovered Gyn(e) Female Gynaecology Gyna(e)c Heli(c/x) Spiral Helix Hydr Water Hydrarthrosis Fluid Iatr Physician Psychiatry Medical treatment Melan Black Melancholy Dark May 17 Vocab Quiz Necr Corpse Mecrotoxin Dead tissue Olig Few Oligandrous Scanty P(a)ed Child Pediatrician Phag To eat Phagocyte Phil To love Geophilous Have an affinity for Poly Many Polyaesthesia Much Tars Instep tarsalgia Edge of the eye ROOTS II Root Definition Example Acr Extremity
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