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Lisa Trentin

Theseus Birth - Aegus oracle at Delphi, “loosen the bulging mouth of wineskin…” -Puzzled visited Pitthius , king of Trozen -The riddle was understood by Pitthius, sent in his daughter Aethra while he was drunk -Impregnated Aethra, then Poseidon came to her in her dream and also impregnated her -Aegus left sword and sandals under a rock for if a son was born he should go to claim his birthright at Athens -Aegus marries Medea after being shunned by Jason -Son = Thesseus, takes the hard path of land vs water to Athens -Periphetes the clubber, killed with his own club -Sinis, the pinebender -Crommyonian Sow, offspring of Typhoeus+Enchidna, ravaged the country side of Corith -Scyron, foot washer -Circyon, bested in wrestling match with his skill rather than brute strength -Procrustes, the bed killer, stretch or chop to size of his bed [email protected] Athens without disclosing his identity, -Medea knew who he was, sent him on a death mission to retrieve the Cretean Bull -Sheltered in the storm by an old woman Hecale, who promised to sacrifice to Zeus on his behalf if he succeeded -captured the Bull, but she was dead, created a village after her name -Returned to Athens with the bull, sacrificed to Appollon, Medea convinces Ageus to poison him, but realizes at the last second that he is his son -Medea sent to Asia Thessus and Ariadne -volunteered to go slay the Minotaur, Ariadne fell in love with him when she saw him - Ariadne, daughter of King Minos of Crete would help Thesseus if he promised to take her back to Athens and marry her, he agreed -she gave him a spool of wool which he would retrace back to the entrance -he slays the Minotaur with his bear fists, escaping with all the sacrifices and Ariadne to the ship -Ariadne abandoned by Thesseus on Knossus, later rescued by Dionysus -Promised his father that he would fly a white sail instead of black when he returned if he was alive, he forgot -Aegeus heartbroken by the thought of his son’s death, jumped into the sea and drowned, sea was later name the Aegean sea after the king Thesseus and Antiope -Herakles and Thesseus went to amazon during his ninth labour besieging Themiscyra -she fell in love with Thesseus, or he kidnapped and married her, having the son Hippolytus -Amazons attacked Athens, either to rescue or get revenge for Antiope’s betrayal, she was killed Phaedra -Thesseus married Ariadne’s sister Phaedra, two sons Acamas and Demorphon -Hippolytus was sent to troezen to be brought up by his grandfather -Hippolytus worshipped Artemis as he was a hunter, remaining chaste -Aphrodite feeling neglected punished him by making his step mother, Phaedra fall in love with him -she tried to seduce Hippolytus, he rejected her, the neglect drove her to commit suicide -She left a note saying Hippolytus tried to rape her, and she committed suicide in shame -Thesseus banished his son and cursed him with the favours of Poseidon -Poeseidon scared Hippolytus’s horses which threw him off the chariot and mortally wounded him -Artemis appeared before Thesseus to tell him the truth of the matter, Hippolytus returns home with his mortal wounds to forgive his father and dies Oedipus -Oedipus was the son of Laius and Jocasta, king and queen of Thebes -Laius seeks guidance from oracles, told his son will kill him and sleep with his wife -when they bore a son, Laius had mutilated his feetso he could not crawl, given t
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