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6 Feb 2018

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Sources for myth transmitted orally so the details change and is flexible. Early greek poetry: archilochus, bacchylides, hesiod, pindar, sappho, semonides, simonides, Xenophanes, homer, epic cycle (as summarized by proclus) Drama (tragedy and comedy: aeschylus, critias, euripides, sophocles, aristophanes. Latin poets: horace, ovid, statius, vergil. Early greek mythographers: acusilaus, andron, hellaniicus, herodorus, pherecydes. Later greek mythographers: apollodorus, antoninus liberalis, conon, hygenus, perthenius. Historians and biographers: arrian, diodorus of sicily, herodotus, plutarch, thucydides. Philosophers: cleanthes, lucretius, plato, prodicus (in xenophon) Rationalists and allegorists: cornutus, fulgentius, heraclitus, palaephatus, sallustius. Other greek prose: aelian, eratosthenes, longus, lucian, pausanias, thephrastus. Mythological creation and innovation authors have the ability to create their own versions of myth and invert different versions of myth. Myths in context representation of myth viewed or read in relation to each other: e. g. euripides" medea the medea vase red-figure calyx krater ca.

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